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Human, you are holy – a Creature Divine – a healer in your own right.  Now, healer, heal yourSelf. 

Invoke the Power of Nature to sustain your spark and ignite your life.  -Sascha Nicole, AP CYT


Elemental Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy

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Let Life Be a Ceremony…

Live your Truth. Pulse your poetry. Do what you came here to do. It’s time.

Life on planet Earth in 2020 is intense! The quest for justice and environmental healing is calling upon us to offer all of ourselves, and we are supported by the wisdom of our ancestors and the power of Nature as we rise to the occasion. 

The brilliance of Ayurveda is its understanding of how to harness the healing power of Nature on a deeply personal level.  I know from my own struggles that walking along a healing journey can feel challenging, overwhelming, and that the fire of transformation can burn… but this ancient medicine demonstrates the possibility of creating pleasure in the process. I’ve experienced the practice of Ayurveda as a path of Beauty and Power, and I strive to share this approach when I work clinically with others to correct elemental imbalances and restore dynamic health.  

Creature Divine Community Clinic was named in dedication to the grit and grace alive within each one of us, as I believe they are faces of the Power that ultimately heals. My mission is to share the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda to assist individuals to act in ways that honor all of life while optimizing personal health and transforming one’s engagement with the world.  I feel honored and privileged to serve this medicine and meet you on the path. 

Blessings for your Thriving! With a Fiery Heart,

Sascha Nicole, AP, CYT

Creature Divine Community Clinic

An Activist Attitude.  A Heart Full of Service.

We are here to serve our community with reverence for the healing power of Nature and respect for all individuals who walk through our doors in search of support. We operate from a core value of healthcare accessibility and are working to make damn sure this medicine can get into the hands of the people.   

We want to offer hope and reparations, knowing we are all woven in this journey together and that communities thrive when individuals are healthy, nourished, and well-supported.  


Seva Days

Seva is a Sanskrit word translating to “selfless service,” and refers to work done without thought of repayment or reward.  In India Seva has traditionally been considered a primary part of spiritual practice, and is a core aspect of Karma and Bhakti Yoga, the spiritual paths of Selfless Action and Devotional Love. 

In addition to providing ongoing sliding-scale treatment options, we dedicate one day a week in service to pure donation-based care.  These Seva Sessions are currently offered in the clinic on Mondays or Saturdays, to make treatment available to those otherwise unable to afford treatment.  Included in these offerings are Ayurvedic Consultations, Traditional Ayurvedic Body Treatments, Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy Sessions, Prenatal and Postpartum Ayurvedic Wellness appointments. 

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Workshops & Classes

Elemental Alchemy: Introduction to Ayurveda

November 1, 2020 (3:00-5:00 PM PST)

An Initiative Sustain Benefit Workshop Via Zoom with Sascha Nicole, AP CYT

Workshop Details

What is Ayurveda? How can it amplify health and alchemize life?  Ayurveda translates to “the science of life” and is the traditional medical system of India, often referred to as the sister science of Yoga.  It has the ability to identify and uproot elemental causes of disease to create and maintain health on a personal level, and can also contribute to shifting collective consciousness to operate in a more holistically considerate way.  At over 5,000 years old, it is an ancient technology that’s still profoundly useful today, in our world filled with cruelty and crisis stemming from a lack of holistic perspective and connection.  Systemic societal problems presently harming humans and our environment scream a lack of reverence and respect for life. 

In this workshop, we’ll dive into how Ayurveda can give the knowledge, strength and broader perspective that enables us to act in ways that honor life while exploring how this ancient medicine can be applied to optimize our health and transform our engagement with the world.  We will overview the history of Ayurveda as a traditional system of medicine, discuss five-element theory, and discover how this information can be immediately applied to your own life.  This workshop will include Ritual for deepening connection with your body and environment, as well as a meditation practice that can be integrated into your life to create enlivening change.

Ayurvedic Alchemy: Ayurvedic Cooking Class

November 2020

An Initiative Sustain Benefit Workshop Via Zoom with Sascha Nicole, AP CYT

Workshop Details

Coming Soon…

Elect Renewal- Restorative Yoga Class

November 2020

An Initiative Sustain Benefit Class Via Zoom with Sascha Nicole, AP CYT

Workshop Details

Coming Soon…

Ayurvedic Alchemy: Tending Our Sacred Fire

November 2020 

An Initiative Sustain Benefit Workshop Via Zoom with Sascha Nicole, AP CYT

Workshop Details

Coming Soon…

Ayurvedic Alchemy: Who's Your Dosha?!

December 2020

An Initiative Sustain Benefit Workshop Via Zoom with Sascha Nicole, AP CYT

Workshop Details

Coming Soon…

Ayurvedic Alchemy: Ayurvedic Cooking Class

December 2020

An Initiative Sustain Benefit Workshop Via Zoom with Sascha Nicole, AP CYT

Workshop Details

Coming Soon…

Ayurvedic Activism

Creature Divine Community Clinic has partnered with Initiative Sustain to support youth activists and young-at-heart change makers with self-sustainability education, holistic healthcare, and mentorship.

We facilitate frequent Ayurveda benefit workshops to raise awareness and financial support for Initiative Sustain’s Youth Fellowship, and personally contribute to the development of Ayurvedic, Yoga, and Meditation course content and Youth Fellowship program curriculum.


Initiative Sustain

It is our mission to empower all activists who carry the torch of transformation with tools to create personal balance and dynamic resiliency, so that conscious change continues to burn brightly and change makers do not burn out.

Initiative Sustain offers workshops and short courses in a variety of holistic modalities, to foster wellbeing and provide supportive after care for those serving on the front lines (which in 2020, is most all of us!) These workshops are donation-based and open to movers and shakers of all ages.  Visit to learn more.

Initiative Sustain Youth Fellowship

Geared for youth activists between the ages of 16-25 and set in the style of a Yoga Teacher Training, Initiative Sustain‘s Youth Fellowship weaves together a cutting-edge curriculum comprised of both ancient wellness teachings and modern evidence-based therapies to support the health and wellbeing of Earth Activists and the work they whole-heartedly give themselves to.

I.S Fellowship is a year-long cohort experience that offers nine months of interactive online study, two in-person camp gatherings, and three months of coached integration and implementation of elementally balanced badassery.

I.S. Fellowship Features Curriculum Including:

Authentic Relating. Ayurveda. Community Organizing. Conscious Communication. Distress Tolerance. Emotional Regulation. Facilitation. Functional Movement Training. Indigenous Earth Teachings. Interpersonal Effectiveness. Mindfulness. Mediation. Meditation. Permaculture Principles. Yoga.

About Sascha

Sascha Nicole, AP, CYT is a clinical Ayurvedic Practitioner, Yoga Teacher, Birth/Postpartum Doula, and ordained Interfaith Priestess. She is proud to be serving on the frontlines, bringing Ayurvedic healing to the West in collaborative, integrative and environmentally conscious ways. She  is the Founder and Director of Initiative Sustain, a nonprofit program offering self-sustainability training and holistic health education to youth activists.

Sascha was introduced to Yoga as a teenager by her dance teacher, and her love affair with Ayurveda began a year later at seventeen. She has since marinated in over 650 hours of Accredited Yoga Teacher Training with Christy Lynn HicksJudith Lasater, and Shiva Rea.  Sascha has lived and studied Ayurveda in Hawaii, Europe, and India with Vaidya Atreya Smith BSA MA and Myra Lewin AP, and apprenticed under Dr. Shamali Joshi BAMS and Dr. Sunil Joshi MD AYU. She continues to be mentored by KP Singh Khalsa DN-C, RH, LMT, NCTMB, CC, NAMAPM, the former president of the American Herbalists Guild. Along the path of her studies, Sascha’s love of shamanic practice, ceremony, and working with women led to her formal training as a Birth/Post-Partum Doula with the Sacred Birthing School in Kapahi, Hawaii. She is joyously devoted to deepening her study of these sciences and is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Ayurveda while working on a book outlining an Ayurvedic approach to treating trauma.

Her personal healing journey has seen her recover from a decade-long eating disorder, addiction, chronic digestive and autoimmune issues, sexual trauma, and depression. It is through her own experiences that she has developed a fierce love for integrative medicine and a passion for creating accessibility to holistic healthcare. She is intimately familiar with the nonlinear process of healing, and honors the inherent opportunity for soulful transformation within life transitions, birth, death, and both personal and environmental health crises. Sascha is committed to empowering individuals and families to take charge of their health and create sustainable foundations for passionate, purpose-driven lives. This is her Holy Mission.   

When not sharing Ayurvedic Medicine, teaching Yoga, or mothering new mamas, Sascha can be found wandering in forests, losing and finding herself on a dance floor, or in a kitchen where she’s cooking for people she loves. 

Start Your Ayurvedic Journey Today!

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People explore eastern medicine for many reasons. You may want to address a particular problem or alleviate specific symptoms; you may find yourself wanting to deeply cleanse your body or up-level your self-care game; maybe you’re desiring to overhaul old habits you’ve outgrown and recreate your style of living on fresh new ground. Whatever your intention, I’ll meet you where you’re at now, and support you as you grow into the fullness of what you truly are.

You are a Creature Divine. Your life is precious. Let’s honor it all and journey together!

Ayurveda Offerings

Ayurvedic Consultations

Are you ready to optimize your health or tackle those ongoing health challenges?

More Information

Private health counseling sessions aim to determine, uproot, and outline protocol to remedy both symptoms and underlying elemental causes of health conditions. These appointments include: a thorough client intake process, elemental diagnosis, personal nutrition suggestions, integrative herbal recommendations, holistic education, and support in creating a daily practice to foster health and create balance utilizing the traditional medicinal system of Ayurveda.

Ayurvedic consultations are ideal for anyone seeking to enhance their health or address specific health challenges naturally.

Appointments take place via a private zoom meeting.

Initial Ayurvedic Consult 90 Min / $200

Follow Up 60 Min / $150

Follow Up 30 Min / $80

Home Purification Program

Are you interested in cleansing but want guidance to do it safely?

More Information

This Ayurvedic cleansing program utilizes traditional principles of Panchakarma Therapy adapted for at-home application. We begin with an initial 90 minute Ayurvedic consultation to determine a personally-designed seven-day protocol. This package includes daily 20-minute support conversations, a personally designed herbal formula, and delicious daily cleansing meals pre-prepped for you to cook at home. The Home Purification Program is designed for anyone who wants support to safely cleanse or detox under traditional Ayurvedic protocol. The initial consultation is via zoom, food (fresh produce not included) and herbs will be shipped to your doorstep along with a complementary Ayurvedic cookbook.

7 Days / $550 

Ayurvedic Trauma Healing

Are you seeking to heal from trauma and incorporate holistic tools in the process?

More Information

Honoring the spirit of integrative medicine, this signature service uses Ayurvedic principles and perspectives to alleviate difficulties generally experienced by those navigating the non-linear path of trauma recovery. Our focus is to assist with uprooting elemental imbalances that have been caused by trauma. Sessions include Ayurvedic nutrition and herbalism, along with Ayurvedic body treatments that can be done at home. We will engage elemental somatic body practices as well as draw upon modern evidence-based polyvagal theory, neuroscience, and nervous system recalibration practices. 

This program is designed to teach and supply you with a toolbox of trauma healing modalities that you can then apply to your own healing process.

I offer single sessions with focused attention and direction on a specific issue. Packages are offered at a discounted rate to assist with the integration and implementation of the Ayurvedic treatments and tools.

Initial Consult 90 Min / $190

Single Sessions / $150

6-Week Signature Series / $665 

Psychedelic Integration Support

Are you desiring holistic support with integrating shamanic journeys or entheogenic experiences?

More Information

Creature Divine embraces the power of ancient shamanic plant medicine traditions for healing and spiritual development, as well as modern scientific advancements in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy.  Through specialized Ayurvedic Entheogenic Integration (A.E.I.) Sessions and Ayurvedic Entheogenic Bodywork (A.E.B.), we aim to provide holistic support for those engaging in psychedelic experiences to foster growth and embodied transformation.   

Ayurvedic Entheogenic Integration sessions offer warm, nonjudgmental, and confidential space to make sense and take meaning from psychedelic experiences while incorporating Ayurvedic wellness tools in the process. A.E.I. sessions are designed to help you maintain your elemental  balance through the emotionally and physiologically intense process of journeying, and holistically support you through the implementation of desired life changes. A.E.I. sessions can also share soothing support for those coping with challenging, confusing, or overwhelming psychedelic experiences. 

Ayurvedic Entheogenic Bodywork Treatments are offered in  three Hour (180 minute) sessions. They includes a focused intake review, a 30 minute Ayurvedic consultation, and provide hands-on therapy utilizing traditional Ayurvedic Snehana and Svedhana treatments (two+ hour warm herbal oil massage and herbal steam therapy) and Pranic (energetic) touch tailored to meet the unique needs of an individual fresh out of ceremony. These treatments serve to ground, nourish, and replenish  your body and mind, so you can relax deeper into your process of personally integrating newly-gained wisdom into everyday life.

*Please note that we do not facilitate use or access to Psychedelic substances or experiences in any way

Initial Ayurvedic Entheogenic Integration Session 90 Min / $200

Follow Up A.E.I. Session 60 Min / $150

Follow Up A.E.I. Session 30 Min / $80

Ayurvedic Entheogenic Bodywork / $280

A.E.B. Package of Four Sessions / $850 ($270 Savings)

Ayurvedic Packages & Programs

Revival Divine

Are you seeking relief from insomnia, overwhelm, burn out, or energetic depletion?

More Information

Revival Divine offers ultimate holistic stress relief, developed specifically to address stress-related challenges common to modern living. This program is designed to support you in the implementation of personalized protocols that rejuvenate your body, cultivate physical and mental resiliency, and support healthy sleep, because we all deserve to live with the full power of our natural energy levels.

Creature Revival is a 6-week container that includes an initial Ayurvedic consultation and a series of 5 follow-up sessions. Consults take place each week over zoom.

 6-Week Series / $555

Belly Divine

Are you needing support with digestive health, metabolic optimization, and/or weight loss?

More Information

Belly Divine is a 6-week transformational container designed for those looking for structured support with digestive health, metabolic optimization, and/or weight loss.  Engage traditional Ayurvedic protocols and cutting-edge eating psychology to create peace and freedom in your relationship with food.  

This package includes an initial Ayurvedic consultation and a series of five follow-up sessions. Weekly Zoom consults include elemental diagnosis, holistic nutrition, daily practices, and recipes.

6-Week Series / $555

Sister Divine

Are you ready to discover the full magnitude of your feminine power?

More Information

Unleash vital feminine force, balance hormones, and reclaim the power of ritual to rekindle sacred aliveness.  Sister Divine is designed for womxn ready to address the roots of their health issues while deepening understanding of themselves and their feminine vitality.  

This package provides a space to personally attend to physical, mental, and energetic imbalances with Ayurvedic protocols and traditional therapies. Our container will be safe, encouraging and embracing fierce body positivity. Sister Divine includes an initial Ayurvedic consultation, an herbal formula created especially for your needs, an Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy Session, and five 60-minute follow-up appointments, to support the implementation of Ayurveda and Yoga Sadhana into daily life. Consultations take place weekly over Zoom.

 6-Week Series / $595

“Know this deeply in your body: The game is not over!  You have seen the weeds breaking through concrete, you have seen bravery in the darkest hour, you have seen the walls fall down. 

You know that there is power and magic in the Divine.”  ~Patricia Dines

Traditional Hands-On Ayurvedic Treatments

Offerings Include:
  • Bahya Snehana (often called Abhyangha in the USA): Warm Herbal Oil Massage
  • Bashpa Swedana: Herbal Steam Bath
  • Tapas Swedana: Infared Dry Heat
  • Drava Swedana: Herbal Bath
  • Pinda Swedana
  • Shirodhara
  • Pranic Healing / Reiki
  • External Basti: Netra Basti, Katti Basti, Shiro Basti, Uro Basti
  • Ayurvedic Entheogenic Bodywork

Ayurvedic treatments were never intended to be ordered like Spa Lattes off an exotic eastern menu, and Creature Divine Community Clinic is committed to upholding the integrity of clinical Ayurveda practice. 

In order to preserve the potency of this ancient tradition, hands-on treatments are available only to those who have undergone Ayurveda consultation with us.  Treatments can then be provided per requirement of the individual recipient, as different offerings, techniques, herbal oils, and plant medicines seek to serve specific elemental imbalances.  

We are willing to provide treatments to clients who have not consulted with us if they are fulfilling an Ayurvedic protocol prescribed by a Vaidya or Ayurvedic Doctor in the states, and are under the care of sed physician.  In this case, Purvakarma, Panchakarma, and Paschatkarma treatments can be offered.  

Contact for Rates

So… what actually happens in an Ayurvedic Consultation?

Elemental Exploration

Utilizing a thorough client intake process, exquisite attention to detail, and traditional Ayurvedic diagnostic tools, we’ll explore how the five elements are dancing in your body and life, creating either harmony or havoc.  We’ll outline protocol (that can include dietary, herbal, somatic, meditative, and bodywork therapies) to shift imbalances that may be manifesting symptoms or contributing to a dulled-down quality of life.


Sacred Sadhana

Creature Divine’s feminine approach to Ayurvedic Medicine encourages the beauty and power of embodied mindfulness practice. We believe all the health knowledge in the world to be useless unless it is engaged in action and applied in our lives. In our Ayurvedic sessions we’ll work together to weave healthy choices, self-love, and higher consciousness into daily life in a personal way that claims the ancient practice of Ayurveda as your own.

Holistic Nutrition

Ayurvedic nutrition involves an intimate focus upon each individual’s unique elemental and dietary needs.  We’ll explore the art of nourishment from the inside out as we clarify personal goals and create an individual plan for using food as medicine.  Creature Divine’s intention is to support individuals to develop loving relationships with food, body, and the ritual of eating, while reprogramming western diet mentality and patriarchal body-beauty consciousness. 

Herbal Remedies

Creature Divine practices integrative clinical herbalism, utilizing traditional principles of Ayurvedic Pharmacology in our personalized herbal formulations.  We work with both Eastern and Western medicinal plants, and are dedicated to environmentally conscious sourcing practices.  We craft small-batch powdered formulas (traditionally called “churna”) and churna capsules, and make custom tea blends, tinctures, and herbal Ayurvedic Abhyangha oils. 

Schedule Your Session Today!

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About Our Apothecary

Creature Divine Community Clinic is proud to partner with Wild Terra to provide the organic and sustainably harvested herbs in our Ayurvedic herbal formulations. Wild Terra is a community apothecary located in the Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. They stock only organic, biodynamic, and wildcrafted medicinal herbs, tea, and spices, purchased from reputable suppliers and directly from the farms and artisans when possible.

If You’re Local to LA… Visit Wild Terra at

5858 N. Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA   Open Daily 11-5


Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy

Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy

Do you want to develop a Yoga practice that addresses physical, elemental and energetic imbalances?  

More Information

Ayurvedic yoga therapy utilizes all limbs of yoga, including asana, pranayama and meditation, to create a personal practice that targets and treats Doshic imbalances. An initial 90-minute Ayurvedic intake includes elemental diagnosis that will determine specific types of movement and breath work to address elemental imbalances at a root level. These private sessions are designed for anyone desiring to draw upon the power of yoga to initiate transformation. Private zoom sessions include an initial Ayurvedic Yoga intake and personalized PDF content to facilitate further integration and implementation of your unique practice. 

Initial 90 min / $190

Follow Up 60 min / $150

Living Sadhana

Are you ready to transform your life?

More Information

A spiritual kick in the ass, this program will help move you beyond circumstantial constraints and resistance in order to cultivate a personal practice flexible enough to guide you through chaotic times. “Sadhana’’ is the Sanskrit word defining practices that invoke the power of ritual for spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical transformation. This 21-day Yoga Journey is designed to support you in creating new habits and personal practices. We will weave yoga postures, breath work, somatic meditation, and energy work into your daily life. This journey is for people desiring to elevate and cultivate their life force, deepening their commitment to the Path.

Living Sadhana includes an initial 90-Minute Ayurvedic Consultation, a 60-Minute Elemental Yoga Intake session along with a daily 20-minute calls. You’ll also be provided with individually-tailored personal study materials and course content.

21 Days/ $750

Elemental Yoga Retreat

Are you desiring to renew, rejuvenate, and reset your Wild Self?

More Information

Structured in the style of a meditation retreat, this 7-day home retreat serves as a personal purification program utilizing Ayurvedic yoga practices, Ayurvedic nutrition, herbal treatments and formulas, meditation and an education in yogic philosophy. I will prepare delicious daily cleansing meals, prepped and ready for you to cook for yourself at home. 

This program also includes personalized course content and readings to support you in deepening into your personal practice at home. Our initial consultation is via zoom, and we will coordinate daily 20-minute conversations throughout the week. Food and herbs will be shipped directly to your doorstep. 

7 Days / $550 

Ayurvedic Birth Services

We are honored to support mothers through the sacred birthing window, and happy to serve families through tender transitional times. Doula packages start at $1,500. Our basic package includes anywhere from eight to forty+ hours of in-person doula service, Ayurvedic education, Ayurvedic yoga therapy, nutritional and herbal guidance, massage, and meal preparation.  Creature Divine Community Clinic specializes in Ayurvedic Postpartum Care. We look forward to designing your custom package!

Birth Work Offerings

Service Menu | All Birth Services are $50/hour unless otherwise noted.

  • Home Visits prior to Birth
  • Home Visit after Birth 
  • Prenatal Ayurvedic Bodywork Sessions
  • Postnatal Ayurvedic Bodywork Sessions
  • Birth Plan Exploration
  • Herbal & Nutritional Consultations
  • Postpartum Doula Services
  • Home Tending (Maintenance cleaning and kitchen support) 35/hour 
  • Deep Clean 40/hour  (first time clean, deep clean minimum, hourly maintenance support available thereafter)

Sacred Birth Doula (Pregnancy & Labor)

More Information

This program has been developed specifically to cater to birthing women and families wanting holistic support before, during and after their child’s birth. Embark on your birth journey and grow your family from a foundation of ancient Ayurvedic wellness practices.

A customizable package offering birth doula support that includes being on-call for labor attendance starting at 36 weeks. This package includes: unlimited texts and phone calls, attendance during labor and delivery, 1-5 hours of support immediately following delivery and 3 prenatal and 3 postpartum visits. Additional Ayurvedic services from the menu are available as add ons.

Packages start at $1500

Beloved Roots Postpartum Care

More Information

Ayurveda emphasizes the importance of the postpartum period for a women’s ongoing health. This is crucial for building a strong foundation for a family to evolve. This package includes an initial Ayurvedic consultation with customized nutritional and herbal support, integrative Ayurvedic yoga therapy as well as Ayurvedic bodywork treatments designed to nourish and fortify, bringing balance back to bodies after birth.

Home visits can include:

  • Ayurvedic meal delivery or in home Ayurvedic cooking
  • Light housework
  • Ayurvedic bodywork

Appointments can take place at home or via zoom.

Services available at $50/hour

Ayurvedic Preconception Program

More Information

A program designed for couples preparing to conceive. This plan includes a separate initial Ayurvedic consultation for each member of the couple, as well as three 60-minute follow-up sessions booked separately for each person. We will utilize traditional Ayurvedic cleansing protocols and fertility treatments. An incredible opportunity to optimize your health as a team!

Appointments can take place at home or via zoom.

Packages start at $1200 

Family Balance

More Information

Teamwork at its finest! This package offers Ayurvedic Consultations for each individual within the family unit at a discounted rate, as well as one group-circling session together. Invoke the power of collaboration within your home to create healthy changes together and support one another in the process.  

Appointments can take place at home or via zoom.

Packages start at $380 for two people.

$150 / additional family member

Schedule Today!

Contact : 818.823.7365

Elemental Specials

Plant Medicine Bundle

For those seriously desiring to integrate sacred plant medicine into their lives, Creature Divine has created this incremental price-break opportunity to make these services even more accessible to explore Ayurvedic herbal formulations and commit to the implementation of botanical medicines. Take the time necessary to adjust personally prescribed protocols to fully meet your needs and support the change you wish to create in your life.

Initial 90 Min Consultation & Three 30 Min Follow Up Sessions / $300

Referral Program 30%Off

Refer a friend and receive 30% off your next service. Includes all Ayurvedic Medicine and Yoga Therapy services, as well as Home Retreats / Personal Purification Programs. Excludes Birth Doula (Pregnancy and Labor) and Beloved Roots Postpartum Packages. May be used on individually purchased Doula Menu Services, Ayurvedic Preconception Programs, and Family Balance Packages.  Cannot be combined with any other offer. One discount per referral; no limit on how many times this can be utilized 

Embrace All Your Elements.  Bloom!

To Schedule Ayurvedic Services Contact: 818.823.7365

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