About Sascha// CreatureDivine

My name is Sascha, and this is my Creative Ayurvedic Clinic, founded with the intention to fundamentally recognize and listen to that alive within you, the inherent power within all your elements that holds the power to heal.

We are all Creatures Divine, and this is worth remembering.

Named for the human and the holy.  The Grit and the Grace.  The Vulnerability and Power alive in all of us.  Honoring that which heals, and the strength of our spirits that perseveres through process.  Acknowledging them as the same.

My Story

The catalysts.  The progress.  How I can help others.  First person full heart share.

Paraphrase Kyra’s quote: “That’s my personal story.  It means a great deal to me to be transparent and genuine in all that I do, both personally and professionally.  Please click below for more information about my Ayurveda, Yoga, and Doula Birth Work Offerings.”

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My Mission//

Manifesto of a Modern Medicine Woman

My approach to therapy via Ayurvedic Slam Poetry.  Because.  Just because.

An Activist Attitude.  A Heart Full of Service.

Embracing Integrative Treatment

Nervous System care cutting edge science integrated with traditional Ayurvedic teachings.  Especially now, in a time when we are together navigating a collective trauma response covid, navigating uncertainty, on top of generational healing and volatile/crumbling racist systems of oppression.

Creating Ease of Access to Care

My clinic aims to crank open access.  Sliding scale.  Pro bono services offered in the spirit of reparations.  I’ve also partnered with projects that share these values, and are doing amazing work in the world.

Catalyzing Community Wellness

It’s important to me to meet people where they are at. To honor that.  To invoke the power of community within the process of individual transformation.

Initiative Sustain

All about Initiative Sustain.  Blah blah blahhhhh.

Initiative Sustain

Intro to Initiative Sustain.  Main Picture from Initiative Sustain website landing page.

Earth Activist Training

Year long training program.  Background image of seedling starts pic from the Initiative Sustain site.

Ongoing Workshops and Trainings

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